5 Steps to Start Search Engine Optimization

January 20, 2010

Perhaps you have noticed how much search engines are used to find company information, products, and much more. To help, we have accumulated fives steps to aid in improving your website’s ranking on search engines. If the nerd neurons in your brain are getting excited or your website needs a boost then do read on.

Meta Titles must be unique…

A Meta Title is short slogan or phrase describing a page. It is added behind the scenes in the HTML but displays on search engines, down below by your taskbar, and in your browser way at the top. A popular tool among website developers is Google Webmaster Tools. Within here it warns you if pages on your site have duplicate Meta Titles. To see these warnings in Webmaster Tools is an indication that Google wants each page of your site to be unique. You probably spent a great deal of time coming up with a slogan for your company; now you have to author a short and catchy phrase for each page of your site! Overall it’s not that difficult and tools can be incorporated that can create Meta Titles automatically. Read ‘How Important is the Meta Title‘ to increase your SEO education.

This is an example of the Meta Title displaying on Googles SERP.This is an example of the Meta Title displaying on Google’s SERP.

Meta Descriptions need to create interest…

When searching on Google the Meta Description is the paragraph below the title. The title is usually short and catchy while the description provides more information about the listing; think of it as a paragraph of information that describes the page while doing it’s best to peak the interest of searchers. Just as the Meta Title, the Meta Description should be unique throughout the site. Read ‘How Important is the Meta Description‘ for more details.

The Meta Description appears below the Meta Title when searching within Google.The Meta Description appears below the Meta Title when searching within Google.

Quality content attracts visitors….

Searchers are looking for valuable content. In return, search engines are looking for valuable content. Writing quality content will bring the visitors, which will help search engines decision to rank your site higher more relevant. Such articles that could be written are case studies, tutorials, self-help topics, new employee biographies, and anything that your readers would find interesting. If you are considering blogging to increase content on your site read our review of ‘ProBlogger‘. The book has helpful information about writing and blogging.

Promote your pages with internal links…

Most likely your website already has links which are linking to other pages throughout the site. Another method is having links within articles link to another related article. This gives readers a reason to stay on your site longer. Then the next step is to use keywords in your links. Think about this; would you be willing to click on a link that says ‘click here’ not knowing where it will take you? Probably not! It could be the same as turning onto a road that has no street sign. It might lead you to a place you don’t want to be. The solution is using keywords to describe where the link is leading the reader. An example could be ‘Visit Custom Furniture Photo Gallery’. Visitors will find this more informative. Search engines use this information to determine the subject of the page; thus helping boost the ranking of the page.

An example of an internal link that is labeled with helpful words.An example of an internal link that is labeled with helpful words.

Alt Tags for images…

When mousing over an image you might notice a very small pop-up with text describing the image. This is a called an Alt Tag and it helps search engines understand the image. Search engines, such as Google, do not have eyes and therefore rely on Alt Tags as their guide. In addition, the file name of the image should include the keywords which are within or related to the ALT Tag. So if your Alt Tag is ‘Jake is using a new Benson 3000T Hammer Drill to install drywall’ then the image file name can be ‘benson-3000t-hammer-drill-used-for-drywall.jpg’. Read ‘Alt Tags for Better Rankings‘.

The Alt Tag appears when your mouse hovers over the image.The Alt Tag appears when your mouse hovers over the image.


It’s been over twenty years since the World Wide Web (www) was turned on. Search engine optimization began over a decade ago. The five steps to search engine optimization is just the start. The next step is for you to make it happen!