From 1996 to Today

Celebrating 25 Years

Join us as we acknowledge 25 years of creating, launching, growing!

Without a doubt, a lot has changed.

Our world has seen an incredible evolution of technology and tools for personal and business use. And, wisnet has been there every step of the way.

1996: Where It All Started

Combining a passion for all things technical with a commitment to extraordinary customer relationships, Rick Kolstad answers business building needs on the web with the founding of Wisconsin Networks (wisnet.com for short!). Team wisnet started producing and hosting high quality web sites for numerous regional and nationwide companies.

Time for a Throwback

Looking back at the accomplishments, celebrations, experiments, learning, growth and so much more, this geeky & creative team is filled with immense gratitude for the partners, customers, team, and community members who have helped make it all happen over the last 25 years.

They are also filled with a warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia. So much so, that they developed an unique online experience as a way for everyone to experience a bit of this bittersweet emotion. Head on over to www.wisnet96.com to experience it for yourself.

Growing – together.

Our services have always aimed to deliver more than a website. Not only do we provide marketing support and specialize in custom application development, we are committed to learning & expanding our knowledge in order to best help companies see the impact of our work – be it saving time/money, better communication, or growing their business/organization.

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