No Fires for a Year


How many times has there been a “fire” in your marketing department this year? One of those emergencies where you need to send something out tomorrow, but you have nothing prepared? Well, it happens to all of us marketing humans.

When works with you to develop your brand marketing, we give you a booklet with fifty to a hundred ideas. Some you may put in place right away; some are saved for these emergencies later. No fire. No panic. (You can do an “I am so smart” dance around the office if you would like… we’ll leave that up to you.)

Working with us through our branding process means you will not only define your brand personality and answer the big question “who are you?” as a brand, but you will also make your life easier for months to come.

To learn more about our fire prevention branding process, contact us. Let’s get together for three hours, if there’s time, we may show off a few “I am so smart” dance moves.

Make it quick. And meaningful.


It was a daunting task to memorize your company’s “elevator speech.” The idea was you only have the time between the first floor and the lobby to explain your business to a total stranger. Once you hit the lobby either you exchange business cards and have an interested prospect or the two of you go your separate ways …. opportunity lost. Well, that was back when we had rotary phones and a computers that took up a whole room. Today, messages are sent in emoticons and millions of text, images and messages are coming at us every second. The elevator speech feels like watching all the “Lord of the Rings” movies back to back.

In five words, we can create your company’s brand personality. We can help you separate yourself from any competition. It puts meaning and emotion behind your brand. You will be able to understand who you are and begin the process of marketing your unique business. It will give you an opportunity to build your brand internally, so everyone from the corner office to the reception desk knows your brand character.

It’s all about finding the truths about your business, then simplifying it down, over and over again, until we find the five words or phrases that differentiate you. By this process, we get to the heart of how you are unlike any other business. This should not sound scary. In fact, it can be the most energizing thing you do for your company. We can make the ride between floors less stressful.

Talk the same language


“What we got here is (a) failure to communicate.”

— Strother Martin, movie “Cool Hand Luke”

You ask your agency to do something creative for your advertising. Why then do they show you something that is so off-base that you scratch your head wondering, “Why weren’t they listening?” Agencies and their clients need to speak the same language. What is “creative” to you may not seem so to your agency. And vice versa. It’s frustrating for everyone involved.

At, we understand that problem. We have a way for all sides to get on the same page. Our marketing process centers around working together to translate who your company is, what your customers need to hear from you, and what you want to be in their eyes. In a way, we create our own unique language–a way to talk to each other that makes sense to both agency and client. So what is shown to you is spot-on with your brand. We take our new language and turn it into marketing that hits home with your customers. We create branding, messaging, and imagery that connects in a way that is true to who you are.

You get great marketing from great communication. Meetings shouldn’t feel like you’re talking to yourself. We get it. Contact us, and experience what it’s like to work with a marketing agency that understands you. And vice versa.

If your business looked in the mirror, what would it see?


As a company, who are you? Sounds easy, but you could probably write a novel describing everything you are. The hard part is telling someone about your company in a short, easy, and memorable way. That is what marketing should do for you.

To see how not to do it, all you have to do is look at the “about us” page on many websites. The text is usually pretty ordinary. And when you compare the marketing of similar businesses, they say about the same thing, and even show the same stuff. This is not doing a great job of brand differentiation.

Understanding that this can be hard, wisnet has developed a way to help you define your business. How it is different. What it does well. Why customers like what you do. And even, what you have to improve. We spend the necessary time with you and ask the right questions. And even more importantly, we listen. Then we narrow down everything we’ve talked about to five words or phrases. They are the words that guide everything we do for your business. It impacts your website,and it sets the tone of the copy, the personality of the imagery, and the colors of your advertising, direct mail, and brochures. It even influences how your front desk answers the phone.

Don’t think of this as a “process” to be avoided, because we strive to make it fun and invigorating for everyone involved. Your business becomes personal and memorable. Sounds like a good place for your brand to be.

Mick Jagger and wisnet on Marketing


“You can’t always get what you want

But if you try sometimes well you might find

You get what you need”

What is the best way to do marketing for a client? Many agencies work as “all-seeing and all-knowing” gurus of marketing. They tell their clients what they should do and advise them that they would be fools not to follow the agency’s sage leadership.

Then there are marketing firms who are like Larry Tate from the classic TV show “Bewitched.” Larry may have had good ideas of his own, but he would always agree with everything the client suggested and then compliment the client’s brilliance. Not that the client didn’t have good ideas, but Larry never worked with, helped, or led the client. A true “yes man.”

There can be happy endings with either approach, but we believe we’ve found a better way.

wisnet’s collaborative branding process involves making discoveries together. We don’t know what “the big idea” will be until both agency and client see it, together. It starts with talking about every aspect of your company–the good and not-as-good stuff. We end up with one sentence that defines how you are unique. Then the personality and brand identity are narrowed down to five words (or phrases) that will be ownable by the client and meaningful to the customers. Nobody knows what those words are before the meeting. We truly discover it together.

Then we show lots and lots of ideas based on our collaborative efforts. The client may or may not have had a preconceived notion of what they should show, say, or do. But in the end, they see many different ways to talk to their customers.

Connect in a more personal and meaningful way. It’s not rocket science. It’s just an honest, collaborative effort between us to figure out, as Mick would say, “what you need.”

Who do you think you are?


It’s a simple question, really. You could answer with your company name. Done. But the question is really deeper than that. Who are you as a brand? Your brand identity is what differentiates you from your competition.

We work with our clients to figure out a truly impactful answer. The real answer that will connect you on an emotional level with your consumers. It is so important, because everything you do, say, and show should reinforce your brand. It’s also true that if you don’t know who you are, then everything you do, say, and show can confuse your brand.

Too often, the person in the corner office has a different idea of who the company is than the person who sells the products or the person who makes the products. Everyone should be on the same page.

Your brand personality is the reason why people work for your company and why customers choose you over anyone else. When you figure out the truth of “who you are,” every aspect of your communication reflects it. You can make your brand come alive in a clear, powerful way.

We will show you how we work collaboratively with our clients to solve the “big question.” We can help you find yourself. Give us a call and we can get started!

Let’s get together for three hours.


When we tell people we want to have a three hour branding meeting, many may think we are crazy. “What is so important that we have to meet for that long?” It’s important because it’s all about figuring out “who you are” as a brand. I have had clients say afterwards, “We talk about our brand every day, but we did more in three hours than we have done in years.”

I compare it to parents talking about their kids. We have a passion for our kids. They are our babies. We can talk for hours about their achievements and the “dumb things” they do. This meeting is talking about your “baby,” your company.

Together we discover your brand differences. How you are perceived and what the market wants. Simple enough. But also harder than you may think. It’s not the elevator speech, not your mission statement or your website’s “about us.” This is an honest conversation about everything, warts and all. No business is perfect. Handling hurdles reflects your company’s character.

During our chat, we keep simplifying down to the easiest way to differentiate your brand. After this meeting, we will show you lots and lots of ideas on how to bring your unique brand to life.

Those three hours are the most open and meaningful client meeting I have ever had in over twenty years in marketing. It feels like we should be singing “Kumbaya” when we’re done. So contact us and together we can distinguish your brand. And hey, it only takes three hours.

Your company is unique. Then be unique.


You started your business because you had an idea. It may have been how to make better widgets. It may have been stepping outside the norm and creating a new business model. Whatever the case, you did it because your idea was special and different. No one else was like you.

Are you doing everything you can to make customers see that your business is unlike others? You know you are not a cookie-cutter or “seen it before” business. The same energy you put into making your business plan special and successful needs to be duplicated in communicating your brand personality. You need to partner with someone who shares your excitement and can help you tell the world that you are not like “the other guys.” You are unique.

At wisnet, we can define your business. It is your idea; we bring it to life. We work together with you. We don’t tell you who you are, we discover it together. We help you build your business tone and personality. Together, we simplify how you communicate your special identity. This is an external communication but can also be what your company rallies behind and believes in.

You started out with a light bulb going off. You are making it a reality. You need to tell everybody who you are and have it mean something to them. Contact us. We have a way to work together to tell your story so others can see and believe that you are not like anyone else.