Just off the press – Wisconsin Counties Assocation website


We’ve been quiet for too long! That’s because we have been working on cranking out the new Wisconsin Counties Association website.

Check out the new website to see what it is about http://wicounties.org.

WCA is an association of county governments assembled for the purpose of serving and representing counties.

What is Easy Site Editor?


I get this question a lot, and it really is a simple answer. Easy Site Editor is our CMS (Content Management System) built by the powerful team at wisnet.

  • No HTML Knowledge Required
  • Update content immediately on your own
  • Cost savings (You don’t need a web developer to make these changes)
  • Automatic Image Resizing Tools
  • Allows for user access Levels
  • Web-based platform (That means we won’t make you download any software)
  • Minimal Training Time

It is NOT a Joomla/Wordpress kind of Content Management System. We have heard the horror stories of our customers that have survived this era. Those tools are great for web developers, but we know you don’t want to spend your day figuring out how to update the content.

wisnet Foursquare photo goes viral


It’s taken us a little while to realize that we are actually quite famous – so famous that companies around the world have utilized a classic photo taken in the wisnet headquarters!

About 2 years ago we wrote an article on Foursquare; in case you want to read it again it’s here. Since that time article after article has been released using our photo.

Here are some places you can find our famous photo:





Disclaimer: We have noted about three pages of results on Google, but some are rather sketchy sources.

Go ahead and use it – we’re flattered!