Responsive websites- sounds great! Now- what is it?!


The digital age is here to stay, and we must adapt and stay ahead of the curve. The growth of smartphones and tablets is increasing substantially every year. The web is evolving now more than ever, and staying up to date with trends is a must.

The world of technology has changed a lot over the past few years. (Okay, more than a lot when you really start to think about it). Now we are heading towards the so called “post-PC era” — thanks to all the smartphones, tablets and netbooks.
A site built using this technique will change formatting based on the size of browser they are viewed on. It includes scalable images and adjustable layouts, so as to look perfect no matter which device you are viewing the site from. In easier terms, it meets the challenge of multiple devices with varying screen size. Think of it as retrofitting for multiple screens. It is all done without the need for another mobile website that would need to be maintained separately.
To see this in action, try going to in your desktop browser and slowly making the browser thinner and wider. You should see the layout adjust itself to fit more comfortably as you change the size. The website is programmed using responsive techniques.
Have you ever tried to go to a content-heavy site on your phone? Or go to a site on your phone and wish you didn’t have to pinch and zoom in 5 different ways to just get the text?
People are no longer accessing the internet strictly from a desktop computer. Creating a responsive design ensures that everyone viewing your site has a pleasant experience.
Your audience is on the go whether you’re ready or not. Are you ready to take your site to the next step? Let wisnet help prepare your site to go from full screen to mobile!

What does Facebook’s Acquisition of Instragram mean to me?


Instragram is a mobile app that allow you to quickly snap a picture, choose a filter to transform its look and feel and share with your Instragram friends. It’s so easy, it makes sharing your photos instantly a snap (literally)! This app also currently allows sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

This app allows you to quickly touch up or add some interesting flare to your photos. This should make keeping your company Facebook page up to date even easier and pretty good looking! As far as the aquisition and implications to Facebook, really there is no way to tell at this point – other than that Facebook has given the limelight to a cool new tool to try out.. There is no information at this point as to how this will affect Facebook or if it will.
For the first time in Facebook history – they are allowing a company that they acquire to run as a separate entity. Facebook has historically run as a single product, everything feeding back into Facebook. Perhaps Facebook is mimicking Google approach on how they run Youtube and Android and will allow them to remain independent even after the aquisitions? announces a new hire

Archive kicks off spring by introducing a new team member!

Ashley Mertens, as a junior website designer, is responsible for concept development of marketing materials – online and print. An area native and Marian University of Fond du Lac graduate she comes to us with a Graphic Arts degree.
Her love for crafts, invitation design, and especially the Brewers is sure to please our Wisconsin clientele!
If you see Ashley around the headquarters – give her a warm welcome!