wisnet.com Adopts-a-Family for Christmas Season


The team at wisnet.com is proud to contribute to a needy family this holiday season. In cooperation with the local Salvation Army, we have filled our Christmas tree with gift certificates, kitchen supplies, clothing, and presents for the children! From here we will transport them to the Salvation Army. Then, word is, Santa picks it up and delivers it to a very special family!

The team is spreading Christmas cheer by sponsoring a family through the Salvation Armys Adopt-a-Family program.The team is spreading Christmas cheer by sponsoring a family through the Salvation Army’s Adopt-a-Family program.

We have been adopting a family for the past six years. If you are interested in Adopting-a-Family contact Jamie Curry or Heather Merten at: (920) 923-8220 or on Jamie’s cell at (920) 517-0115.

Marketing this Holiday Season – Newsletter


Recently, we sent out an email blast to our subscribers. The newsletter provided a few tips on email campaigns, social marketing, and adding a seasonal theme to your website, Twitter and Facebook profiles. If you missed out on the email go to wisnet.com Newsletter – Holiday Issue. Another issue will be coming out shortly – scroll to the bottom of this article and subscribe to the rocket ship. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Screenshot of the wisnet.com Holiday Newsletter sent out recently. Have a look!Screenshot of the wisnet.com Holiday Newsletter sent out recently. Have a look!

wisnet.com is on Foursquare! What is it?


Compared to restaurants and hotels there’s not much foot traffic to our office – it seems almost silly to have a business profile on Foursquare. Then again, what’s a better way of introducing Foursquare than trying it out for our company! Simply put, Foursquare let’s customers ‘check-in’ to a business with their mobile phone. Then their location is shared with their friends on Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter. One visitor can introduce hundreds of their friends to your business instantly – and that’s what’s great about Foursquare! If you’re interested in finding out more, ‘check-in’ here.

Business Profile for Foursquare

Below is a screenshot of our profile on Foursquare.com. You can visit it by clicking the following link: wisnet.com Foursquare profile. Foursquare business profiles contain basic contact details along with a map, categorization, tagging, and who is the ‘Mayor’. The Mayor is the customer who checked-in the most.

Screenshot of wisnet.coms business profile on Foursqaure.com.Screenshot of wisnet.com’s business profile on Foursqaure.com.

What draws customers to ‘check-in’?

You’re going to have to give a little to get something in return – the good news is you can control the costs. After claiming your listing (which we will discuss in another article) specials can be added. Specials can consist of anything from gift certificates, free coffee, free t-shirts, Starbucks gift cards, etc. Then, options can be set to determine how many check-ins are required before the special is offered.

What kind of special promotion would you like to offer your customers?What kind of special promotion would you like to offer your customers?

Foursquare Venue Stats dashboard…

After customers start checking in, Foursquare will provide basic details about them. In Venue Stats it provides the ratio of men to women, total check-ins, unique visitors, and the percentage of check-ins that were posted on Facebook and Twitter. Top visitors will be listed along with most recent check-ins. At the bottom, the dashboard provides a breakdown of when visitors are checking in.

Foursquare Venue Stats for business profiles.Foursquare Venue Stats for business profiles.

Foursquare tips for businesses…

Here are a few tips to help when using Foursquare.

  • Take notice of mobile phone users and ask them if they know how to check-in.
  • Thank those that check-in when they visit your business by saying hi, thanks, or shaking their hand. Depending on how many referrals they attract, you might want to give them a hug!
  • Use specials to encourage first-time visitors or reward loyalty. ‘Half off any entrée on your first check-in!’
  • Offer specials that are only exclusive to Foursquare users.
  • From the Venue Stats dashboard, use the men to women ratio to tailor specials to attract (or retain) more of one gender.
  • Use Time Breakdown for creating specials to increase traffic when business is slow.
  • Give worthwhile specials and don’t make it difficult to achieve the status of mayor.

Window cling provided by Foursquare…

During the business claiming process you will receive a window cling in the mail. Make sure to place it somewhere noticeable. Here is the window cling that was sent to us.

Foursquare check-in here window cling.Foursquare check-in here window cling.


Just when you think you’ve created as many social networking profiles, e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; that you can handle, along comes Foursquare. The good news is Foursquare can be a boon for business – your customers will become the voice and spread the word for you. Let the wisnet.com team work with you to start a Foursquare campaign. Give us a call at 920.921.8391.

Google Tags – Make it Easy for Customers to Find You


Google has a new service called Google Tags and it places an eye-catching yellow tag next to your listing on Google Search and Google Maps. Use the tag to highlight coupons, customer reviews, or other helpful information that can help searchers choose you. It’s one way to make your listing stand out from the competition. Plus, it’s affordable and can be set up fairly quickly. If we peaked your interest keep on reading.

The Google Tag…

Google claims the tag increases traffic to your Google Places page while making your company easier to find. In the below example, a yellow tag appears next to a hotel listing.

Screenshot of a Google Tag when searching locally for hotels.Screenshot of a Google Tag when searching locally for hotels.

Coupons, video, and more…

In addition to tagging websites – coupons, video, menus, reservations, photos and even custom messages can be added. The first 30 days are free and it’s $25 per month thereafter. A credit card is required to receive the 30-day trial.

Before ordering Google Tags…

Before ordering a Google Tag we recommend making sure your Places pages is up-to-date. Plus, if there are poor reviews it might not be a good time to use Google Tags. When ordering one of our local listings packages we will assist with improving reviews and local listings.


It’s too early to tell if Google Tags will draw customers to your company – but for $25 and a 30-day free trial it’s worth a try. We recommend running a Google Tags campaign for at least six month to see how it performs. Give us a call when you’re ready to start.

Introducing BLASTSearch to Our Product Line


With new advancements in search engine technology we want to introduce a new search engine product called BLASTsearch. Built into your website, visitors will have a better experience searching for items such as articles, Word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, contact information, and more. Tied together with Google Analytics, it will help reduce support calls and save money. Stick around as we ‘BLAST’ you with the details!

Improved search with more accurate results…

What’s more frustrating than digging through results that are not helpful? Not much. Years ago, search was usually added to sites as an alternative to site navigation. But as the site grows with information from blogs, document libraries, and so on, it’s realized that navigation has its limits. That’s why search needs to take front and center stage and our advanced search engine, BLASTsearch, is the answer.

Screenshot of BLASTsearch appearing on a municipality website.Screenshot of BLASTsearch appearing on a municipality website.

Information overload…

Besides catching spelling mistakes and directing searchers to the appropriate results, users can search through terabytes of data instantly using BLASTsearch. Plus, it knows where words are located within each page, document, spreadsheet, and so forth. As a bonus, BLASTsearch prevents information overload by preventing duplicate content from appearing in results, reducing search clutter.

Reduce support costs…

Reduce costs by decreasing unnecessary calls to the support department. When BLASTsearch is installed we will tie it into Google Analytics. With Google Analytics you will be able to see the keywords people are searching for. As an example, if visitors are searching for ‘building permit application’ and it doesn’t pull any results, most likely they will need to call the city’s building inspector. Then, staff will have to spend time finding the information and email, fax, or mail them to the client. Knowing what visitors are searching for will provide input on what documents and articles need to be added to the website.

Note: Staff can freely use BLASTsearch to search for documents. This will reduce time trying to find documents on the local network that are already on the website. Then, staff can easily copy the link and email the appropriate party. No messy attachments necessary!

Gearing up your website for BLASTsearch…

While we are installing BLASTsearch, we will make certain search engine optimization changes. These advancements help BLASTsearch get a better understanding of the content while ranking each page, PDF, and Word document appropriately. While optimizing the site for BLASTsearch, we will be making improvements that work with Bing and Google’s algorithm. This means better rankings with the possibility of increased traffic to your website.

A few basics and pricing information…

BLASTsearch runs every night between 2am to 5am to find new content on your website. It bypasses documents that have nothing new to say and focuses on fresh content. When searching, it’s extremely fast! Plus, we can search public and private portals while separating the data to keep it secure. The best news is there are no monthly or annual fees. We install it once and it’s included along with your hosting services at no additional charge. (A one-time fee is incurred to install it. )


Giving visitors an easier time finding documents while reducing support costs is what makes BLASTsearch a perfect companion to a website. BLASTsearch is perfect for small and large companies, non-profits, local municipalities, state, and federal government websites. Contact our team today to get started!

Beware of Fictitious Twitter Profiles


This morning Google alerted us to a fictitious website that mirrored our Twitter profile. What’s surprising is that it has the last post we tweeted yesterday. It looks so realistic that many people might accidentally log into it with their username and password… and that could be a problem! Here’s a quick analysis of what we found.

The Google Alert that notified us about the Twitter clone.The Google Alert that notified us about the Twitter clone.

Below is a screenshot of a bogus profile that mimics our Twitter account. It doesn’t bear the same resemblance as the new look Twitter launched the other month but some accounts might not be upgraded yet. Plus, we noticed Twitter resorts back to the old layout when they are having server issues.

Screenshot of our Twitter profile being replicated on another server.Screenshot of our Twitter profile being replicated on another server.

How severe could this problem be?

Because we haven’t updated our Twitter profile since yesterday I wanted to compare a company that updates their status almost hourly. In the below example, the mirrored profile of Mashable is only ten minutes behind. That’s very close!

Mashable’s Twitter profile mirrored on a phishing website.Mashable’s Twitter profile mirrored on a phishing website.

Who’s responsible for this problem?

Well, we’re not reporters and it looks like Apigee.com is a legitimate company. Maybe one of their clients is abusing the system or they are working directly with Twitter. It is a possibility this could be a phishing attempt. In addition, it could cause duplicate content (dependent on robots.txt file working); which could skew results on Google’s search engine results page. If it is legitimate, we hope they block access from the public.

Screenshot of cloned Twitter profile indexed on Google.Screenshot of cloned Twitter profile indexed on Google.


We hope this article, about a Twitter clone, was helpful and makes you more aware of phishing attempts. Don’t get hooked!

Google Analytics Announces New Feature: In-Page Analytics


Recently, Google announced a new feature called In-Page Analytics. It allows website owners to see their Google Analytics data superimposed on the website. This visually appealing data will help make it easier to understand how visitors navigate the site. Stay tuned as we present a case study along with a video from Google.

What we noticed about In-Page Analytics…

We were curious to see the path visitors would take when entering the homepage of our website. What we noticed is that the ‘Who We Are’ page is one of the most popular places to go. Surprisingly, it is not the most popular page on the entire website (our Facebook articles are the most popular). Our conclusion is, for visitors that reach our homepage, a majority of them want to find out more about us.

Google’s In-Page Analytics provides data about visitor’s destination from our website’s homepage.Google’s In-Page Analytics provides data about visitor’s destination from our website’s homepage.

After making our conclusion about the homepage, we viewed the analytics from ‘Who We Are’. Here we found that almost half of the visitors click on the big button that says ‘View our Team Members‘. It looks like visitors really want to find out who we are!

Many visitors are interested in whom we are.Many visitors are interested in whom we are.

Team photos versus our portfolio…

Looking further, it’s easy to notice ’Who We Are’ is visited more than our design Portfolio. Is this telling us something – are people more interested in our values, history, character, and experience than our portfolio? Hmmm… interesting. From this data we would assume that most, if not all, other businesses need some form of an ‘About Us’ page along with photographs and biographies of team members.

Google Analytics Video

Google has many YouTube channels that we follow. Google Analytics Channel is one of them. Here is their latest video about In-Page Analytics.

Assess how visitors interact with your website…

Here are a few ideas to ponder while reviewing In-Page Analytics for your website.

  • Is my page layout optimal for what I want users to accomplish on the page?
  • Are my users seeing the content I want them to see?
  • Are my users finding what they’re looking for on the page?
  • Are my calls to action motivating or visible enough?
  • Which links are users clicking?

How to access Google In-Page Analytics…

To view In-Page Analytics log into Google Analytics. Once there, click on your website listing, Content, and then In-Page Analytics. If you do not have Google Analytics installed on your website visit Setting up Google Analytics to get started.

Navigate to In-Page AnalyticsNavigate to In-Page Analytics


Google’s new In-Page Analytics feature is a wonderful tool to examine how visitors interact with your website. Plus, it’s easy to use. Hope you enjoyed the brief introduction to In-Page Analytics.