wisnet.com welcomes Hornungs.com’s new website!


Hornung’s Golf Products Inc, located in Fond du Lac, WI has recently launched their website, www.hornungs.com. They have a wide selection of accessories such as clubs and putters, golf bags, club covers and more. They also sell products to golf courses and pro shops.

The site uses Interspire.com E-commerce Shopping Cart version 5.0 software to allow customers to purchase items from the online catalog. Hornung’s can easily add new products to the site as they become available, inventory of items can be monitored, and online store performance and revenue can be tracked.

A few of Interspire’s features that are in use include multiple logins with permissions, single page checkout, search engine friendly URLs, and product variations. Additional application features were installed by our team along with a new look and feel. – Aaron | wisnet.com Team member

Hornungs.com is a fine example of an online store that can attract new customers no matter where they are located. Buying products online from them is a snap, and Hornung’s can keep tabs on which are the most popular and which months sales are the best, among other important statistics. Golfers from around the nation now have a new outlet to fulfill their playing needs!

The new look for Hornung's Golf Products, Inc. in Fond du Lac, WI.The new look for Hornung’s Golf Products, Inc. in Fond du Lac, WI.

Check it out! www.hornungs.com

Using Webmail Spam Filtering And Handling


You can use Webmail to handle your spam filtering chores as an alternative to your desktop email client’s settings. Because Webmail’s interface allows you to check email directly from your inbox on the mail server, any spam filtering changes you make here can help prevent junk messages from downloading into your email program. Here’s how to set it up…

1. Go to https://webmail.wisnet.com/.

2. Click Settings on the upper-right of the Webmail page.

Click Settings on the top right.Click ‘Settings’ on the top right.

3. Click Spam Settings on left column of the Settings window.

Within the Settings modal choose Spam Settings.Within the Settings modal choose ‘Spam Settings’.

4. For Spam Filtering, you can set it either off/on, or you can set it for Exclusive which will allow you to receive incoming messages only from email addresses or IP addresses on your safelist.

Turn Spam Filtering Status to On.Turn Spam Filtering Status to On.

5. Once the spam filtering is on, you can select how you want spam to be handled. Choices include delivery to a spam folder inside your Webmail inbox, immediate deletion of spam, forwarding to an email address you specify, or flagging it as ‘[SPAM]’ at the beginning of the subject line. If you set spam to go to your spam folder inside Webmail, you can click on Cleanup Options to set the number of days to wait before deleting those messages or never automatically delete them.

Spam Handling available options allows you to control the spam.Spam Handling available options allows you to control the spam.

6. Under the Safelist tab you can add email addresses, domains and IP addresses of those who email you want to receive. The spam filter will bypass filtering to ensure you receive the email.

Domains, Email Addresses and IP Addresses can be safelisted.Domains, Email Addresses and IP Addresses can be safelisted.

7. Blacklisting domains, email addresses and IP address can be done within the Blacklist tab .

Within Spam Settings you can blacklist spamming domains, email addresses, and IP addresses.Within Spam Settings you can blacklist spamming domains and IP addresses.

5. Click Save, and you are all set!

When finished click Save.When finished click Save.

wisnet.com welcomes Samaritan Family Wellness!


Samaritanfamilywellness.org is a site that offers services for individuals and families needing guidance in making positive changes in their lives or working though daily life challenges. Located in Glendale, WI, they have several licensed therapists available to help those who are hurting or need direction in life. The website is designed so that visitors can find out more about them and the kinds of help they can provide.

The new website for Samaritan Family Wellness in Glendale, WI.The new website for Samaritan Family Wellness in Glendale, WI.

They offer a program called “Living Compass” which can be conducted one-on-one or in small groups in collaboration with YMCA’s throughout the greater Milwaukee area. Interested visitors on the website can take a self-assessment and find out more about the program through the Living Compass link. Under “Classes”, there is a schedule and a list of places where they will be held. Weekly Words of Wellness is a free newsletter that provides insight and wisdom for everyday living and can be subscribed to for email delivery.

Visitors can post feedback to receive more information about classes and Living Compass programs, contact a therapist directly, and view a handy map to find their office. It is a simple, easy-to-follow site that helps those in the Milwaukee area explore the ways Samaritan Family Wellness can support and empower its families and individuals.

Vist samaritanfamilywellness.org to explore their new website!

How to: Using Google Places Dashboard to View Your Listing’s Stats


Creating a listing on Google Maps and Places can have a positive affect on traffic to your local business. Foot traffic is noticeable but you might want to see what is happening with the listing. This can be done through the Google Places Dashboard. The Dashboard provides data about views, keywords, and when searchers request directions to the location. Read on as we provide a quick tutorial on how to access the analytics for your Google Places listing.

Step 1: Google Places

First, visit www.google.com/local/add and log in.

Type the address in your browsers address bar.Use your browser to navigate to www.google.com/local/add.

Step 2: Google Places Dashboard

After logging in you will be taken to the Dashboard. Here you can see the listing along with statistics on impressions and actions. Ignore these for now and click on your company’s name.

Click on your business name in the dashboard.Click on your business name in the dashboard.

Step 3: Analytics

From there you will be taken to a page where you will notice graphs and analytics. The graphs and other tools on this screen work together to give you a clearer idea of who your viewership is and what they are looking for.

creenshot of Google Places Dashboard with analytics.Screenshot of Google Places Dashboard with analytics.

Step 4: Choose a time span…

At the very top is a tool to change the time span. You can choose the last 7 days, last 30 days, or customize it. Want to see what happened yesterday? Select a single date and click apply. For now, select last 30 days and click Apply.

View analytics from different time spans within Google Places Dashboard.View analytics from different time spans within Google Places Dashboard.

Notes on the Activity Graph…

The activity graph will then display the amount of traffic depending on the interval length you have chosen. These intervals are very important because you can see if there are trends in the amount of visitors over a period of time. Is the graph spiking on weekends? Is it showing a gradual decrease in visitorship overall as time goes on? This is a great way to get a sense of whether your listing is working at attracting viewers effectively or if it needs a little more polishing.

Impressions and Actions can be seen from the Activity graph.Impressions and Actions can be seen from the Activity graph.

Notes on Impressions…

‘Impressions’ refer to the number of times a visitor to Google Maps and 7-Pack saw the listing as a result of a local search. Obviously, the more the better, since this equals getting your business name out there as frequently as possible!

View Impressions from the Activity graph.View Impressions from the Activity graph.

Notes on Actions…

‘Actions’ are how many times a visitor ‘clicked’ onto a link inside the listing, such as opening More Info on the map, selecting Driving Directions Requests, and clicking the embedded website link. ‘Actions ‘ can be thought of as a visitor showing interest in your listing and wanting to find out more about what it offers. You certainly want as much ‘action’ as you can get for your listing!

View of the Actions graph in the dashboard.View of the Actions graph in the dashboard.

Notes on Top Search Queries…

Pay special attention to the ‘Top search queries’. These are the top keywords that searchers are using when your listing came up in their searches. Over a period of time, you can get an idea of which keywords are the most popular and hopefully edit your listing to tie into those interests. Say for example, you run a pizza place but decide to offer pasta dishes and other Italian cuisine. You could show up in the Google searches as an ‘Italian’ restaurant if you use it as a listing category or mention in your description. If you want to rank high with ‘Italian’ or ‘Italian cuisine’, edit your listing descriptions to include more detail on what Italian dishes are served, maybe even mention the words ‘Italian’ and ‘Italian Cuisine’ a little more often. This can be wonderful in tailoring your listing to let potential customers know you have what they are looking for!

A view of the top search queries where your listing appeared.A view of the top search queries where your listing appeared.

Notes on driving directions requests…

Driving directions requests can be very useful because it can assist in determining where there is interest if you are deciding to advertise in a wider area or want to edit your listing to appeal to a greater region. A pizza restaurant in Fitchburg, Wisconsin could discover site visitors in Madison, Middleton, or Sun Prairie are willing to make the drive to eat an awesome slice of New-York-style and therefore add those community names as keywords to their listings to increase their search visibility. (e.g. ‘People from Madison, Middleton, Sun Prairie, and the surrounding areas just love our pizza!!!)

Screenshot of a map indicating where visitors are searching from.Screenshot of a map indicating where visitors are searching from.

A quick word about Google Analytics…

Want more in-depth info about who’s been looking at your website? Check out Google Analytics! Find out how it can give you even more power to learn about your visitors, their search habits, and getting your website ranked higher and staying there!


Learning about how a listing is put together and using these tools to their full advantage can serve to make it stronger and more visible, maybe even result in the highest ranking ‘7-pack’! Google Places’ report tools will give you the feedback you need to respond to the shifting demographics and desires of your listing’s viewers. With Google Maps and Places, you have the power to make your listing the best it can be. Do it today!!!

Here We Grow Again! wisnet.com Employment Opportunity


wisnet.com, LLC is looking for the brightest and the most organized to join our team as Project Manager. If you think you have what it takes, read on…

About wisnet.com, LLC

Here’s the scoop… we create websites – not just any websites – great looking, dynamic websites along with solutions that our customers can update without any HTML knowledge. And we do it quickly – rapid development (as it is sometimes called). In addition, we have our own cool product (more on that product in a second). We work closely with our clients to evaluate their projects and ideas, come up with a few more ideas they did not think about, and then make it happen.

Our flagship product is Easy Site Editor (ESE); which is driven by a technology we created called Information Markup Language (IML). This markup language has been in development just about since we started the business back in 1996. It is a great technology that allows us to create ‘the impossible’ for our clients – and do it quickly.

Why wisnet.com? We are a multi-faceted, full service web hosting and development company that really enjoys working with small to medium sized businesses such as the tourism industry, print shops, real estate agencies, government, and healthcare facilities.

Position Description:

The Project Manager is responsible for managing multiple projects within the constraints of scope, quality, time and cost, to deliver specified requirements and meet client satisfaction. Project work includes business analysis, requirements gathering, building use cases, project management and status reporting, testing and documentation.

Job Responsibilities

  • Achieve project deliverables, goals and milestones on time and within budget.
  • Proactively manage changes in project scope and identify and manage project dependencies.
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Strategy focused and creative
  • Assist in delivery testing as well as post release training and bug reporting.
  • Communicate and report effectively on projects.
  • Create pro-actively and take initiative to optimize and improve the project team.
  • Facilitate team meetings and work sessions


  • Salary is commensurate with qualifications and experience.
  • Vacation and Holiday Pay(Time away from wisnet.com is just an important as your time here.)
  • Match 3% for IRA retirement fund.
  • Health Insurance
  • Excellent Working Conditions

If you believe you are up for the challenge, send resume to hr@wisnet.com.

For more information on employment opportunities at wisnet.com, visit our Career Opportunities page.

Setting Up Auto-Reply In Webmail


Auto-reply is a feature in wisnet.com webmail that works exactly like the ‘out-of-office’ settings used in desktop email programs. It’s easy to set up, here’s how!

Note: Each sender will receive the reply message only once.

Note: If mail forwarding is activated and copies of forwarded email are not being saved, auto-replies will not be sent.

Step 1: Click the Settings link, located in the upper right corner of the webmail window.

Step 2: In the left pane, click Incoming Email.

Step 3: Click the Auto-Reply tab.

A view of the Auto-Reply panel.A view of the Auto-Reply panel.

Step 4: Turn the auto-reply feature on or off, as desired.

Step 5: If you turned the status to On, you can adjust the outgoing auto-reply message, as desired.

Step 6: To enable the auto-reply message only during a specific time frame, select the Enable only during the following time frame check box, and then select a start and end time.

Step 7: Click Save. and you are all set!

Webmail for wisnet.com Email Gets a New Look


This week we launched the new webmail app for our wisnet.com clients. It’s cleaner, easier to use, and more powerful. For those of you who use desktop applications, such as Outlook and Entourage, you will find that this app comes close (if not right on) to feeling like it’s running on your computer…it’s fast. Some day soon you might wonder why money was spent on Outlook along with an IT guy to configure and troubleshoot your email. With webmail, the most difficult obstacle to encounter is forgetting your password. That’s it! Plus, you can check your email at the office, at home, and on a mobile phone. If you’re new to webmail stick around. We have a few screenshots of the new look.


Access all the benefits of a desktop program without being tied to the desktop. Log into wisnet.com Email from your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone, and get instant access to email, calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes.

The new look of wisnet.coms Webmail.The new look of wisnet.com’s Webmail.


All the bells and whistles of a business-class calendar application. Create and manage multiple personal and shared calendars, set reminders and recurrences, and color-code entries for at-a-glance viewing.

View of the calendar in webmail.View of the calendar in webmail.


Create multiple personal or shared contact lists; add photos, multiple phone numbers and email addresses, mailing addresses, and notes to entries. Import your existing contact lists from other programs.

Share contacts with fellow team members.Share contacts with fellow team members.


Standalone task manager right in your inbox. Create multiple task lists featuring individual action items laid out with completion dates, notes area for task details, and tasks even change color to remind you of due dates.

Create tasks within wisnet.com webmail.Create tasks within wisnet.com webmail.


Record important information in an easy to use text interface tied directly to your inbox stamped with time/date and title for easy retrieval.

Write notes about meetings, conversations, etc. and save them for later use.Write notes about meetings, conversations, etc. and save them for later use.

Using Facebook Insights to Track the Like Button, Box, and Shares


In a previous article we provided a tutorial on how to add a Facebook Like button and Box to your blog. Now that visitors are ‘liking’ the articles and Fan Page wouldn’t it be nice to see statistics and demographics that will provide a better understanding of your audience? For example, if a majority of visitors are female (and from Wisconsin) you might want to start selling pink Cheeseheads alongside the blog articles. Stick around as we walk you through a brief and easy tutorial on how to track your Like button, Like box, and Share button using Facebook Insights.

Step 1: Facebook Insights Dashboard

In your browser go to http://www.facebook.com/insights/.

Go to http://www.facebook.com/insights/.Go to http://www.facebook.com/insights/.

Step 2: Insights for your Domain

Once at the dashboard click the green button to the right that reads Insights for your Domain.

The Insights for your Domain button is found on the right side. Plus, its green.The ‘Insights for your Domain’ button is found on the right side. Plus, it’s green.

Step 3: Get Insights for Your Domain

After clicking the green button the ‘Get Insights for Your Domain’ box will appear. The next step is to type in your website URL to the right of ‘Domain’. Next to ‘Link With’ click the drop-down menu and choose your Fan Page.

Get Insights for your Domain modal box will appear.‘Get Insights for your Domain’ modal box will appear.

Step 4: The meta property…

Copy the meta property tag provided by Facebook. This will be added to the homepage of your website.

Copy the meta tag provided by Insights.Copy the meta tag provided by Insights.

Step 5: Add the meta tag

Find the homepage, or root file, of your website and add the meta property tag between the beginning and closing tag. (Contact your website team if you are unfamiliar with HTML markup.) Upload the file to the hosting server. Then come back to the Facebook Insights dashboard.

Place the meta property tag in the head of the html document.Place the meta property tag between in head of the html document.

Step 6: Check Domain…

Once at the dashboard click Check Domain.

After adding the meta property tag come back to Insights and click Check Domain.After adding the meta property tag come back to Insights and click Check Domain.

Be patient, it might take some time. You will see the following ‘Loading’ screen.

The Loading screen will appear.The ‘Loading’ screen will appear.

A warning might appear if you are not the ‘official’ administrator of the fan page. This means you have to ask the person that first created the fan page to follow the steps above… or log in with their login and password.

Bad Request - An error might appear if you are not the original creator of the Fan Page.Bad Request – An error might appear if you are not the original creator of the Fan Page.

Problems? Maybe the Meta tag was not properly added to the homepage of the website. Double-check your Insights settings and markup.


When a graph and a bunch of zeros appear then you know it’s finished. The data will not appear for about 24 hours (could be longer). This might be a good time to increase your fan base… you know… post something interesting on your wall and create content that your fans will find engaging.

Data will not appear in the dashboard right away.Data will not appear in the dashboard right away.

A dashboard of activity

The Sharing dashboard provides analytics about the daily likes, daily shares, feedback per share, and reshare rate. Visit Help Center for more details.

Screenshot of Insights Dashboard for Sharing.Screenshot of Insights Dashboard for Sharing.


Depending on how many fans, Facebook might not provide demographic data, such as age and gender; or geographic data, such as country, city, and spoken language. If your Fan Page does meet the minimum requirements you will have the ability to view the information mentioned above.

Screenshot of Demographics on Insights Dashboard.Screenshot of Demographics on Insights Dashboard.

By understanding and analyzing trends within user growth and demographics, consumption of content, and creation of content, Page owners are better equipped to
improve their business with Facebook. – Facebook Help Center


Facebook is providing analytics, both demographically and geographically, to administrators of Fan Pages. This is good news. Think about this; Google Analytics provides a wealth of information (including geographical) but unfortunately cannot (at this time) tell the age or gender of your visitors. Insights through Facebook can provide this type of data. Of course, if someone lies about his or her age then you might have a problem.

Claim Your Listing on Google Maps & Places: Part 3


Okay, so you have completed part 1 and part 2 and are excited to finish. Here is the final tutorial to accomplish the task of claiming your listing on Google Maps and Places.

Step 13: Validate The Listing

Once the listing is submitted, there will be two choices on how to have it verified.

Choose from a letter or phone call to validate your Google Map listing.Choose from a letter or phone call to validate your Google Map listing.

Option 1: Phone Call

If you choose the phone method, be prepared to receive an automated call within moments of clicking ‘Submit’. You will hear the PIN number spoken to you during that call. Make sure your business phone is close by as well as a pad of paper and pen for writing it down. Google recommends waiting a minute or so before entering it into the verification box while their database updates to recognize it. (Suggestion: They will call the number you submitted as your business phone number, so please make sure that phone is close by when clicking ‘Submit’!) If for some reason the phone call is missed, go back a screen and select the phone call option again, but sometimes Google may not give you the choice when you do that. If all else fails, you can always opt for the letter.

Option 2: Letter

If you choose to verify through letter, they will send a PIN number through the U.S. mail and it generally takes 2-3 weeks to receive it. It will come directly to the address specified as your business location. Once the letter is recieved, log into Google Places Dashboard and enter the PIN into the verification box next to the listing.

Google Places provides a visual example of what the the envelope will look like when you receive it.Google Places provides a visual example of what the the envelope will look like when you receive it.

What You Need to Know About the Verification Process…

Both of these methods are intended to reach you while you are at your business location in order to verify it is legitimate, hence the need for Google to know your address and phone number. Whatever option chosen, there may be a waiting period after the PIN is entered while Google finalizes its review of the listing and it goes live for customers to access. Due to the sheer number of listings Google receives, it could take as long as several weeks or as little as a couple of days. I recommend periodically checking the listing’s status by going to the Main Dashboard screen after the verification process or logging into Google Places at a later time and clicking on Dashboard.

Click Dashboard to go to the Google Places Dashboard.Click ‘Dashboard’ to go to the Google Places’ Dashboard.

Step 14: Final step to verifying ownership of your listing…

After going to the dashboard you should see the listing appear. Under the red text that says ‘Needs Action’ enter the PIN received via the phone call or letter. Then click Go. If your PIN number is wrong or has been accepted you will see a notification message.

Enter your PIN to verify the business listing.Enter your PIN to verify the business listing.

That’s it!

Now you just have to wait until Google reviews the listing and accepts it. As mentioned above this could take a few days or much longer.


Now that you have completed all the steps to claim your listing on Google Maps and Places don’t think it’s over. The next step ‘could’ include adding a coupon; but more importantly, you want your listing to appear on Google’s 7-Pack. Local search, through mobile devices such as cell phones, is skyrocketing and your Google Places’ listing is a vital tool for marketing your company. We’ll leave you one tip and that tip is…drum roll… Reviews, reviews, and more reviews. Ask your clients to leave a review on your Google Place’s listing.


There’s much to discuss about reviews and will examine it in another upcoming article.

wisnet.com welcomes Get Moving Washington County


Getmovingwashingtoncounty.com has just been launched and is ready to view! The purpose of the site is to develop a culture of healthy and active lifestyles for all ages and abilities. To do this Washington County, of Southeastern Wisconsin, has added everything, and we mean everything, that you can do to stay physically fit. Interested in horseshoes, geocaching, golfing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, or a farmers market? You bet, Get Moving Washington County has it!

Features of the site include links to partner organizations and contributors to the “Get Moving” initiative, as well as volunteer and contact forms. In addition, there is a drop-down list of communities within the county where site visitors can find swimming pools, parks, and running and biking trails among other activities.

The site is clean, easy to navigate, and has a lot of whitespace to let visitors eyes rest. The colors of the website work in symphony with the logo for easy recognition of the Get Moving Washington County brand.

The design of this site is meant to represent a light, airy feeling — the way you feel when you’re outside enjoying a breath of fresh air, whether it’s walking in a park or playing an aggressive game of soccer. Julie | wisnet.com Team Member

One of the more interesting aspects of the site is the interactive geographical map created with ESRI Arcview GIS software, which provides accurate detail when planning running, walking, and hiking routes. Points of Interest, lakes, and parks can easily be found and a visitor can measure distance to various locations throughout the county map. The map can be printed for visitors to take with them on their travels through Washington County’s many scenic paths!

Take a peak at the new Get Moving Washington County website today!

Get Moving - Washington County's brand new website.Get Moving – Washington County’s brand new website.

Claim Your Listing on Google Maps & Places: Part 2


We’ve been working our way through Google Places learning how to claim a business listing. If you haven’t registered with Google or do not know where to start read Claim your Listing on Google Maps & Places: Part 1. In the following tutorial we will explain Places’ dashboard. This is the area where you can manage the details, content, photographs and video that will appear on your listing.

Step 5: Basic Information

When we last left off we were at ‘Step 4: Edit my business listing’. From there you will be taken to the Google Places dashboard (although there really isn’t a name for it). On this page, the first section will need basic information about your company. In the following screenshot take notice of the many empty fields. Now is the opportunity to use them to make your company more prominent on Google’s 7-Pack and Google Maps.

A view of a Google Places listing that has not been updated.A view of a Google Places’ listing that has not been updated.

Tip 1: Company Name

You will need to enter in the full and official Company/Organization name. (Example: wisnet.com, LLC is our full official name.)

Tip 2: Address

The Address field is required and would be in the format you would use for an official U.S. mailing address. (Street Address, City/Town, Zip.) We recommend against using a post office box number.

Tip 3: Main Phone

The phone number is also required along with the area code. Use an 800 number as an alternative phone number. Click Add more phone numbers to add an 800 number, mobile phone, fax, and TTY/TDD. TTY and TDD are used for those who have hearing or speech difficulties.

To add more numbers click Add more phone numbers.To add more numbers click ‘Add more phone numbers’.
More options will apear including alternate phone, mobile, fax, and TTY/TDDMore options will apear including alternate phone, mobile, fax, and TTY/TDD.

This information is not only important for customers to find you through Google Maps and Places; the address and phone number play a big part in the verification of your business listing at the end of the setup process. – Jody | wisnet.com Team Member

Tip 4: Email address

In the next box, enter your email address. This leaves customers with an alternate way of contacting you especially if your office is closed.

Tip 5: Website

Don’t forget about this! A website is a must. If you don’t have a website at least get a Facebook Fan Page. When your website has been completed you can return to Google Places to update your listing.

Tip 6: Description

The Description field is very important since you can write a little about your business and stand out among other companies who offer similar services.

Tip 7: Category

You will be asked to enter up to five categories that describe the business. Google takes these into account when a customer performs a search, and will make suggestions as you type. It is required to have at least one Google-suggested category, but the rest can be of your own choosing. Make sure it fits the type of business or describes a service offered and you’ll be fine here.

Describe your business from Googles suggested categories or create your own.Describe your business from Google’s suggested categories or create your own.

Step 6: Service area and location settings…

Choose if customers have to come to the business or if they can be served at their location. For example, ‘Yes’ would be chosen if you make house calls for fixing computer issues or have a landscaping service.

Narrow down your service area to reduce unnecessary calls.Narrow down your service area to reduce unnecessary calls.

Step 7: Hours of operation…

Next, choose to list hours of operation. These can be changed through the drop-down menus. One nice feature with Google Places is the ability to split a single day. If your lunch is around noon this can be entered so visitors know you will not be available.

Hours of Operation for Google PlacesIf your hours are irregular you can skip this option.

Step 8: Payment options…

If you want to show methods of payments accepted, they can be chosen here.

Specify how customers can pay at your business.Specify how customers can pay at your business.

Step 9: Photos…

You can add up to 10 photos to your Google Places profile. First we recommend the logo (branding is always good) followed by photos of products, company building, sales staff, and anything that would interest searchers to contact your company.

Per Google, Add flair to your listing by uploading photographs of your products or storefront.Per Google, ‘Add flair to your listing’ by uploading photographs of your products or storefront.

Step 10: Videos…

If there is a video you want to play for the visitors, upload it to Youtube.com and then copy and paste the URL here. Up to 5 videos can be added to the listing.

Add video from your YouTube Channel to  Google Places.Add video from your YouTube Channel to Google Places.

Step 11: Additional Details…

Additional Details is a great section to create your very own custom fields. Use these spaces to include information such as awards, certifications, services offered, specialties, products; you name it!

Add additional details to your listing.Add additional details to your listing.

Step 12: Important Note*

Before you click ‘Submit’, take a look at the information on the right side of the screen. This is how your listing will be presented once it is published on Google Maps and Places. Feel free to go back and change anything you feel doesn’t look good or fix errors! Click Submit when you are ready.


This concludes the steps for the Google Places’ dashboard. If you thought this was the end, it isn’t. Grab another bagel and start an additional pot of coffee; there are a few more steps to go. Read Claiming Your Listing on Google Maps and Places: Part 3 to complete the tutorial.