Fantastic Office Space For Lease in Fond du Lac, WI


Exciting News! has just acquired a piece of property that will be the home of our new office on Main Street in Fond du Lac.

Great location with an abundance of wildlife…

With this move, we will be vacating a fantastic office space. We are currently located in the Wisconsin Title Building – on the lower level. This office space has many windows and a walkout patio to take advantage of the wooded property.

Pictures from the backyardPictures of our backyard. View them on Picasa.

Large open concept with plenty of office space…

The office is 1,450 sq ft (open concept), with a conference room, kitchenette, large storage / server room, and comfortable desk/workstation space for 12 team members. Wired for the future! Two CAT6 cables to every workstation area for network and IP telephony. Very nice restrooms and a larger kitchen area are available down the hall.

Less worries, more productivity…

Wisconsin Title Investors is the owner of the building – they take care of lawn care, plowing, common area maintenance, and any issues that may come up – they have been great to work with!

Comfortable and affordable…

The current lease is $1550/month until April 2013. There is also about $330 month CAM / Taxes cost. This covers power / and heat for the common area as well as our portion of the property tax. Our electricity / Air conditioning is also included in that cost. Our heat bills are almost non-existent. This winter, we did not even turn on the heat – we are able to take advantage of the geothermal heat of being in the lower level, and the natural sunlight from the windows.

Ready to go…

Phone and redundant Internet services are ready for you to take advantage of.

Call today to schedule an appointment…

If you, or someone you know has the need for this fantastic office space, please contact me at or at (920) 921-8391 x116



With our new property purchase, we will also have the potential of a ‘build to suit’ retail space up to 6000 sq ft. This retail space is on South Main Street with great visibility from the front door of Walgreens, the Mobile gas station, and the busy intersection of Main and Pioneer (by Pick ‘n Save). If you know of any businesses looking to expand into the South Main Street area, let them know we have a great opportunity for them! Is Now Live!

Archive is the site of Lakeshore Lutheran Schools and is a partnership of Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Schools on the Lakeshore and surrounding area with locations in Manitowoc, Kewaunee, Sheboygan, Calumet, Brown, and Door Counties. Their partnerships includes childcare ministries, preschools, 16 elementary schools, and Manitowoc Lutheran High School.

The site contains links to their member schools and their respective websites, information on choosing a school to attend, and school-related news stories. Going to their Our Locations page brings up a Google Maps application which can help visitors find the closest school in their area along with viewing satellite images of them from the air.

“For a google map that pinpoints multiple locations – all we need is the address for each point and any other descriptive information you want the little bubble to show. The little monkeys in the backend will worry about finding the geo coordinates and getting it to work!” – Gina | Senior Developer at

Screenshot of multiple pinpoints on a Google map.Google’s maps can be customized to have pinpoints appear for multiple locations.

In addition, parents and students can sign up for an RSS feed to keep them updated on school events and news direct to their computers or mobile devices. The design, along with the photographs, make a great combination that will help attract new parents and children to one of the many schools.

Visit to explore their new website!

Claim Your Listing on Google Maps & Places: Part 1


Now that you are convinced you want to list your business on Google Maps and Places, how exactly do you go about doing that? What steps do you need to follow and what kinds of things can a business listing include to communicate what you offer? Don’t worry, here is a walkthrough of the setup along with some suggestions thrown in. Let’s get started!

Claiming your listing is the first step to get your listing appearing on Googles’ 7-Pack. Read Listing Your Business On Google Places And Maps and pay special attention to the ‘Let’s have a look at Google’s 7-Pack’ paragraph. It will explain the 7-Pack.

Step 1: Register with Google

First, if you don’t have a Google login ID you would need to create one. To do this, go to If you already have an account move on to the next step.

Create an account with Google to start claiming your local listing.Create an account with Google to start claiming your local listing.

Step 2: Find your listing…

After registering go to and search for your company. When your listing is found click on more info ».

After searching for your business click More info.After searching for your business click More info.

Step 3: Are you the business owner?

After clicking more info » you will be on the Google Places page for your business. On the top right click Business Owner?. It doesn’t look like a link but you can click on it. We are assuming that you are the business owner or employed by the company to administrate the local listing. If not, it’s futile trying to take ownership because Google needs to verify your business by mailing a letter to the physical address (or call you by phone).

Business owners can click the Business owner link to start claiming their Google listing.Business owners can click the Business owner link to start claiming their Google listing.

Step 4: Edit my business listing…

From the Add, Edit, or Suspend Listing page check Edit my business information. Before clicking Continue note the information about ‘Validating Your Listing’.

We’ll send a letter containing a PIN and activation instructions to the business address associated with your listing. After you validate your listing, you may edit your Google Maps listing at any time.

Although it makes it sound that you can not edit the listing, technically you can. Once the listing has been claimed all the updated information will appear on Google Maps and Places.

Choose Edit my business information.Choose Edit my business information.

Conclusion to Part 1

This ends the first part of claiming your listing on Google Maps and Places. Because there are many steps we have broken this article into different sections. Read part two of Claiming Your Listing on Google Maps and Places. Grab a bagel and some coffee; it might take a few hours to complete the process. Enjoy!

Monkeys Attack Headquarters


Monkeys infiltrated’s headquarters Thursday morning. Fellow team members Brian and Grant were caught red-handed conspiring with the monkeys. Their daring attempt to take control of the facility fell short when super hero Dave entered the premises. Another attempt was made to regain control and the outcome can only be explained by watching the following video.

List Your Business with Yahoo Local


Conducting local business searches online have skyrocketed in the last few years, and with mobile devices like Blackberries and iPhones making it a snap to find a restaurant or hotel while on the go, show no signs of slowing down. One of the most popular methods for searching is through Yahoo! Local and having a business listed there gets it in front of plenty of eyes. If you have a business here is an introduction to Yahoo! Local.

Let’s take a closer look at Yahoo! Local…

To appreciate how well Yahoo! Local can work for you, let’s take a closer look and see how it works. The simplest way to access it is to go to and click the Local link towards the top of the screen. You can then type in the name of the business or a description in the first box and the address, city, state, or zip code in the second. Then select Local Search to see the results.

When at click Local to search for a local business.When at click Local to search for a local business.

Looking at the results of a search…

You will receive a list of matches along with their addresses, phone numbers and directions. If there are any user reviews, part of one will appear next to the listing. On the upper-right of the page will be a small map of the area showing business locations, which can be enlarged. This larger, detailed map displays every street name and identifies local landmarks to make it simple for customers to plan their route.

Yahoo! Locals results with business listings for dining.Yahoo! Local’s results with business listings.

Looking at a particular listing…

Clicking on a listing will provide information on that business such as pictures or logos, hours of operation, products and services offered, contact email addresses and links to their website. Customers can leave a written review and starred rating, which can provide great feedback and help a listing stand apart from those without them.

Example of a local listing on Yahoo! Local.Example of a local listing on Yahoo! Local.

Yahoo’s ‘5-pack’ listings….

Sometimes when looking for certain types of businesses, you may run into what is known as the Yahoo ‘5-pack’. It is a grouping of five local businesses tied to the geographic location you are searching in. It works by taking localized keywords, such as ‘Fond du Lac, WI’ and non-localized, like ‘realtors’ and finding the five best listings that fit those criteria. The ‘5-pack’ listings tend to come up more frequently when using the regular search box on the main page, but are pulled directly from the local directories. A local listing that’s well designed and well defined is sure to be found more easily regardless of how and where a visitor types in his query on the Yahoo page. The ‘5-pack’ is the Holy Grail to aspire to since they are the most eye-catching to prospective customers.

Screenshot of Yahoos 5-Pack when searching for realtors in Fond du Lac, WI.Screenshot of Yahoo’s 5-Pack when searching for realtors in Fond du Lac, WI.

Putting it all together…

The best listings catch your eye and draw you into finding out more about the company and what they offer. Providing concise, useful information along with a photo or logo and a link to your website is a perfect way to start. Satisfied customers can then return to leave a positive review which will reflect in the listings and help your business stand out even more!


Yahoo! Local has many wonderful features available to make your listing more appealing and is a great tool for reaching potential customers in a professional looking, compelling way. If you haven’t already, you should consider creating a listing or updating your existing one. There’s no cost involved, just a little time and effort, but the rewards are many. Remember, there are customers out there looking for you. Help them find you today! welcomes Washington County Fair Park


The Washington County Fair Park in West Bend, WI has just launched its all-new website and is now easier to navigate! There are over 350 events held at the park every year and you can be certain to find one that interests you by clicking on the Calendar of Events tab. The County Fair tab takes you to the main fair page with links for event schedules, exhibitors, buying concert tickets, general information, and volunteer sign up. Conventions and meetings can be held at the park and there are links to view indoor or outdoor venues along with a form to reserve them. You can even follow the site in Twitter, ‘like’ them in Facebook, and view their photos on Flickr! Check it out by going to

Screenshot of the new Washington County Fair Park website.Screenshot of the new Washington County Fair Park website.

Listing Your Business On Google Places And Maps


Google Places, working together with Google Maps, is one of the most popular methods for finding local businesses. Local search is becoming more and more commonplace and the ever-increasing use of mobile devices is making every business owner take notice. If you are not paying attention to your local listing on Google Places and Maps then now is the time to start. Stick around as we provide a brief tour.

Have a look at Google Maps….

Go to and search for a business in your area.

Screenshot of Google Maps when searching for hotels in Madison, WI.Screenshot of Google Maps when searching for hotels in Madison, WI.

Why It Works…

What makes Google Maps great is every time you do a search, you will also see a map that clearly pinpoints the business in relation to others. This can be helpful for finding anything from the closest Italian restaurant to seeing how many law firms are located within a 20 mile radius. Plus, you get a satellite view from the air along with a ground-level photo shot of your business so potential customers can better locate you when driving there. From Google Maps searchers can click the more info link. This will take them to Google Places.

When on Google Maps clicking more info will take you to Google Places.When on Google Maps clicking ‘more info’ will take you to Google Places.

Have a Look at Google Places….

Each business can claim their free listing from Google Places. The listing options themselves are descriptive and informative, allowing for a logo or picture to be displayed in the listing search along with a description of the business or tagline. Having these can help your listing stand apart from those that don’t. Other big pluses include the ability to add directions to your business, hours and days of operation, services offered; even additional links to other sites where mentions of it appear!

Easily add descriptions about your services along with logos and photographs.Easily add descriptions about your services along with logos and photographs.

Reviews are important…

Google Places includes the ability for visitors to post customer reviews about your company. They can also assign a rating based on their level of satisfaction and leave feedback about their experience. This is a great way to see what your customers think while attracting future customers with good reviews. Plus, Google uses reviews to rank listings within Google’s 7-Pack.

Reviews are vital for good rankings within Googles 7-Pack.Reviews are vital for good rankings within Google’s 7-Pack.

Let’s have a look at Google’s 7-Pack…

Sometimes when searching for a business, you may run into what is known as the Google 7-pack. It is a grouping of seven local businesses tied to a Google Map . It works by taking localized keywords, such as ‘Fond du Lac, WI’ and non-localized, like ‘realtors’ and finding the seven best local listings that fit those criteria. The 7-pack is the holy grail to aspire to since they are the most eye-catching for prospective customers. Read the article Search Engine Marketing – Organic, PPC, Local for more information.

Screenshot of Google’s 7-Pack when searching for salons in Madison, WI.


As you can see, Google Places and Maps can be an important and useful tool for helping potential customers find your business easily and effectively. You have the ability to stand out among the crowd with its powerful map features and descriptive categories while being in front of some of the web’s largest viewing demographics!

Add a Facebook Like Button and Box to Your Website


Facebook has recently launched the Like button and Like box. For those of who are not familiar with Facebook you might have run into a ‘Become a Fan’ button when visiting websites. That has been replaced with the Like box and Facebook has added another twist to it… besides liking Facebook Fan Pages your visitors can like specific blog articles, video, images; and when they like them they will be shared with their friends. Stay tuned as we show you an example along with a quick tutorial on creating a like button and box for your website.

The Become a Fan button is now the Like button.The Become a Fan button is now the Like box.

Let’s take a look at the Like button…

The Facebook Like button is fairly simple. It includes a little thumbs up icon along with a short phrase ‘Be the first of your friends to like this’. Facebook allows for some minor customization such as width, height, different fonts, and few other tweaks. Truly, there isn’t much to it. Then again, it’s not meant to overshadow your website. It’s meant to share your content with the Facebook community (400+ million users).

When you put a Like Button on your website, people can click it and it will appear on their Facebook Wall.When you put a Like Button on your website, people can click it and it will appear on their Facebook Wall.

Personalize visitor’s experience…

A fun and appealing feature from the Like button is that you can see which friends have already liked the article. In the following example you can see that Rick and Brian are friends (actually they are brothers). Facebook’s new social plugins allow websites, such as yours, to become more social. Basically, it means that some of the features on Facebook can now be incorporated into your site.

The Like button appearing on wisnet.coms blog.The Like button appearing on’s blog.

Create your own Like buttons…

Searching through the developer section on Facebook you will run into the Like Button page. Here you can create Like buttons for your site. It’s pretty straightforward. First enter the url or web address of the webpage that you want others to like. Choose from a few design elements and grab the code. Voila, you have a Like button! From there you can paste the code into a blog article (in the HTML source). Although you can do this yourself, I recommend having your developers program it into the site. Creating a like button for every page, or blog article, could be tedious.

Create your own Like buttons directly on Facebook.Create your own Like buttons directly on Facebook.

How to get a Like Box for your Facebook Fan Page

Creating a Like box for your Fan Page is a little different than a Like button. In order to boost your Fan Page prevalence you need to keep increasing your fan base.

‘Getting people to click the ‘like’ box for your site can help generate positive word-of-mouth and spread your name more quickly among their friends. It is a wonderful way to get free advertising, simple to use and only takes one click!’ – Jody | Team Member

Your fan base, or people that like you, will appear on the Fan Page.Your fan base, or people that like you, will appear on the Fan Page.

First you will need to go to your Fan page. Copy the URL.

Copy the full web address from your Facebook Page.Copy the full web address from your Facebook Page.

Then go to and paste the URL in the field below Facebook Page URL.

Create your own Like box on Facebook.Create your own Like box on Facebook.

From here you can style the Like Box. When finished click Get Code and copy and paste the code to your website in the html source code. (Note: It’s recommended to have your developer install it within your site.) Besides adding it to the homepage of your website it might be beneficial to have it on every page since not all visitors go directly to the homepage. One great place to put it is at the footer. Read the article Stylish and Informative Footer Designs for some visual examples.


Social marketing is using services such a Facebook and Twitter to market your company. Viral marketing is using these networks to create spontaneous word of mouth enthusiasm about a blog article, a brand, your company, a video and so on. Using the Facebook Like button and box makes it easy for Facebook user’s to spread the word. Enjoy! welcomes Koffman AutoWorks

Archive has just been launched and is now online! They are a family-owned, full service automotive center located in Campbellsport, WI and committed to their customers and community. Their site features information about the collision and automotive services they offer, a photo gallery of their body work, and pictures of the Koffman staff. The newsletter section has a feature that allows visitors to share auto-related articles on the wall of their Facebook profile. In addition, they are using for their monthly email marketing campaign. Take a peak at the new Koffman AutoWorks website today!

New look for a new website. - Koffman AutoWorks Collision & Service CenterNew look for a new website. – Koffman AutoWorks Collision & Service Center

Stylish and Informative Footer Designs


Why would there be an article about footers? They are at the bottom of the webpage, below the fold, and hold boring information such as copyright and disclaimers. Well, in the last few years designers have been creating some impressive and inspiring footers. Not only are they attractive, it adds extra room to promote blog articles, newsletter signup, and social sites such as your Facebook Fan Page. Plus, it’s consistent and appears on every page of the site. Let’s take a look at some footer designs to see what is possible.

Blast off with a great footer…

At the bottom of a simple footer was crafted to go along with the theme of the site. Since the site is fairly small in size all the main navigational pages were added. Then when visitors scroll to the bottom of the page they don’t have to scroll back to the top to get back to the navigation. In the middle is a paragraph of information about It is helpful for those unfamiliar with while adding extra copy for search engines. On the right size is a large call-to-action button to get visitors to sign up. Visit to view the footer. has the main navigation, further information about them, and a call-to-action has the main navigation, further information about them, and a call-to-action button in the footer.

A before and after take on footers…

In the example below is the footer that has rested at the bottom of for many years. It includes copyright, a few words and then a link to a privacy policy and site map.

Loyalty Leaders’s original footer design included a small amount of helpful information.

When redesigning the footer new additions were added. These include contact information along with links to Facebook, Twitter, Linked and YouTube. Having contact information on every page gives visitors quick access to your phone number, physical address, email address, and more. One reason your Facebook Fan Page might not have many fans is because your not promoting it. Adding it to the footer, which is found on every page of your site, should boost your fan base. See the footer in action by visiting

The new footer design includes contact information, links to other articles, and links to Facebook and Twitter.The new footer design includes contact information, links to other articles, and links to Facebook and Twitter.

Blogs, Twitter and feeds… includes a library of timely articles and much more covering the latest tax law changes. In their footer they include the latest entries from the blog. It’s handy because not all visitors will enter the site through the homepage. On the right-hand side take notice of the alluring Twitter icon. It’s recognizable and the items below it come directly from the feed found on their Twitter profile. When tweeting on Twitter they will appear on this site. Now that’s twitterific! Take tour of has latest entries from their blog along with tweets from their Twitter has latest entries from their blog along with tweets from their Twitter profile.

Email subscription forms…

Everyone knows email marketing is a powerful tool and should be a part every company’s marketing plan. It’s a quick way to notify many people of a sale, event or promotion. At times it can be frustrating when building your subscriber base. Just like Facebook and Twitter you have to promote it. Having an email subscription form on every page is one way to do just that.

Silicas footer includes site navigation, advertisements, email subscription sign-up form and Twitter and Facebook links.Silica’s footer includes site navigation, advertisements, email subscription sign-up form and Twitter and Facebook links.

Big footers…

When visiting you might notice how large the footer is. It includes a mini paragraph about each section of the site. Before clicking a link visitors can read a little about it to make sure they want to go to that section. In addition, links and logos from their sister sites were included. Check it out by visiting

Full of helpful information Money Smart Neighborhoodss footer is big and impressive.Full of helpful information Money Smart Neighborhoods’s footer is big and impressive.

Have fun with your footer…

Besides the regular features that can be included in a footer making it fun has it’s appeal. Many footers have fun characters, interesting quotes, photographs from their Flickr photogallery and more. The possibilities are endless. In the footer of a rocket ship was added for the email subscription form. Check it out by scrolling to the bottom of this page. added a rocket to the bottom of their added a rocket to the bottom of their footer.


This concludes the article about stinky feet…um, attractive, inspiring and informative footers. Take advantage of your websites footer by adding contact information, an email subscription form, links to your Facebook Fan Page, live Twitter feed and much more. The sky is the limit.

Join in supporting JDRF


Join the team in the fourth annual Fond du Lac Community Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Walk to Cure Diabetes.

The 2010 walk will be held May 8th at Fond du Lac High School, with registration starting at 9 a.m. and the walk beginning at 10 a.m. There will be kids activities, a DJ, and refreshments at the walk.

The walk fundraising goal is a $40,000 that will be contributed to JDRF. JDRF funds research aimed at finding a cure for diabetes.

“It’s great to be partnering with JDRF and working together on such an important goal. The recent statistics are staggering and reveal that health care expenditures surrounding diabetes cost our nation more than $132 billion,” said Jennifer Dilling, Walk volunteer chair. “These are the reasons we are committed to raising money for the cutting-edge research that JDRF funds. By working together, we can make a difference.”
Hope to see you there!