Branding with Favicons


A favicon is a small image that represents your logo and business. Usually one favicon is used for each website and it will show throughout every page on the site. Plus, when a visitor saves a webpage to their Favorites (Bookmarks in Firefox) the favicon will appear.

Example of a FaviconVisit to see their favicon.

Coffee mugs used for promotion have favicons…

Well not really since coffee mugs are not as geeky and technical as the Internet. In relation using a favicon is like handing out coffee mugs with your logo on it. Every time they use the coffee mug the logo should become more recognizable. That also holds true when they are perusing your website or scrolling through their Favorites and see the favicon.


Favicons are small in size but a great addition when you want to build a strong site brand.

Making a better Contact Form: Part I


Contact forms are a very important communication tool. For example, if I am on vacation… meaning I left my iPhone, laptop and email passwords at the office… I could easily send you an email by using your contact form.

But why is it so frustrating filling out a contact form?

There are so many fields to fill out! First name, last name, address 1, address 2, city, state, zip, phone number, fax number, email address and so many more.

What should I do?

First think, am I ever going to mail them any information? If not, then remove the address lines. You could even leave out the state and zip. Only leave vital information that is needed for your first communication with them. Collect the additional information when you make the follow up call.

Show me an example…

Visit contact form to see a live example or preview it below:

Making a better Contact Form: Part I
Contact form on


How many times have you been halfway through filling out a contact form and then closed out of it…never to return? With a less intrusive contact form you will provide your clients and potential clients an easier avenue to communicate with you.

Scheduled Webmail Maintenance


On August 8th between 1:00 AM US-CT (6:00 AM GMT) and 2:00 AM US-CT (7:00 AM GMT) scheduled maintenance on our Email servers will be performed. This maintenance will increase the performance of the calendar and other features. During this maintenance your calendar and webmail settings will become inaccessible for a period of 30 minutes. No data will be lost and after the maintenance window, all calendar functionality will return to normal. This maintenance will not affect our Hosted Exchange 2003 or 2007 customers.