wisnet.com welcomes Faholo & Lost Valley Camps!


Faholo & Lost Valley Camps launched their website earlier this month in hopes of drawing in more children that are looking for a retreat, outing, or camping experience never to be forgotten! wisnet.com was happy to work with them on this project, and enjoyed their enthusiasm and energy throught the website building process!

MI Camps is committed to building relationships and providing excellent guest services. They strive to provide facilities that exceed expectations where lives may be impacted for eternity.

wisnet.com welcomes Faholo & Lost Valley Camps!wisnet.com welcomes Faholo & Lost Valley Camps!


Arizona Bag Launches New Website!


Arizona Bag Company began operations in 1946, in an old 30 ft x 40 ft warehouse in Southwest Phoenix.

In the days before modern packaging methods, up to ten women worked full time patching burlap bags for re-use. Burlap remains an important part of our business, as we are one of the few companies in the USA which continues to import it directly from Bangladesh.

Burlap was the beginning of Arizona Bag Company’s expertise in ‘Protective Coverings’ – an area we continue to excel in today. As the plastics industry grew, we made a commitment to stock VisQueen polyethylene film. With two warehouses devoted to poly, we carry the largest stock in Arizona of construction and specialty film.

Our experience in coverings led to the development of a strong customer base in agriculture. Arizona Bag Company added a full line of farm supplies in the early 1960’s, at a time when Phoenix was still surrounded by farm land. We specialize in all types of supplies for cotton, vegetable and dairy farmers and now include nursery and landscape supplies for the houses replacing those farms.

As the region grew, Arizona Bag responded with the supplies needed for the construction industry: sand bags, tarps, safety supplies, paint & drywall sundries and most recently, heavy equipment wear parts.

Along the way, we also responded to the growing warehouse industry in Arizona and now stock a full line of packaging supplies: pallet stretch film, pallet covers, tapes, banding, slip sheets, foam & peanuts and furniture moving supplies.

And remember our ten ladies who patched burlap bags over 60 years ago? They have evolved into an expert sewing staff. Today Arizona Bag Company uses proven fabrics and sewing methods to manufacture high quality stock and custom covers. We also have crews to design and then install shade screen for you.

Arizona Bag Company continues to grow and evolve with our changing Southwest region. Count on us for the next 60 years to provide you with the products you need.

Arizona Bag Launches New Website!Arizona Bag Launches New Website!


What is WebMail?


You can access your email from any computer quickly and easily using Internet Explorer or any other web browser. There is no extra setup involved, simply enter your email address and password and your mail will be displayed for you. A user-friendly screen allows you to send and receive messages, save or delete mail, send attachments, create folders, save contacts and even setup calendar reminders. This feature is especially useful when traveling or away from your ‘home base.’

A user-friendly screen provides all the tools you need to send and receive messages, save or delete messages, send attachments, create folders for important messages, save contacts and setup calendar reminders. All domains hosting with wisnet.com are offered WebMail.

Adobe Reader and Acrobat Vulnerabilities


Adobe has released Security Bulletin APSB08-19 to address multiple vulnerabilities affecting Adobe Reader and Acrobat. The most severe of these vulnerabilities could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code.

Systems Affected:

* Adobe Reader version 8.1.2 and earlier
* Adobe Acrobat (Professional, 3D, and Standard) version 8.1.2 and earlier


The impacts of these vulnerabilities vary. The most severe of these vulnerabilities allows a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code.

Solution: Upgrade

According to the information in Adobe Security bulletin APSB08-19, users with version 8 of Adobe Reader or Acrobat should upgrade to version 8.1.3.

Disable web browser display for PDF documents

Preventing PDF documents from opening inside a web browser may mitigate this vulnerability. Applying the following workaround in conjunction with upgrading may prevent similar vulnerabilities from being automatically

More Information:

The latest version of Acrobat Reader can be found here: