Wisconsin Interchange Goes Live!


It is our pleasure to welcome the new website for Wisconsin Interchange! They came to wisnet.com just a short time ago looking for a website that would be fully editable. Using our Easy Site Editor tool, Wisconsin Interchange now has the opportunity to update every page on their site, providing the most up to date Wisconsin Travel Information!


October Maintenance


wisnet.com has prepared the following summary for this regularly scheduled monthly maintenance window (3rd Sunday of each month). We acknowledge that there is always the possibility for unintended consequences therefore we include maintenance events that have no planned customer impact. We also believe that helping our customers understand what we do in the data center is beneficial for them and good for our relationship.

Time Window:
October 21st, 2007 from 1:01AM to 6:00AM CDT
UPS Capacitor Replacement
Capacitors in an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will be replaced. These capacitors have reached their end of life and will be replaced proactively rather than waiting for them to fail. During this maintenance, power will be shifted to other resources to avoid affecting customers. There is zero planned impact to customers.

If you have any questions, please contact us at customercare@wisnet.com. These changes are necessary to help wisnet.com continue to deliver optimal performance and reliability for your hosting environment.

Announcing Webmail 6.5


We have uploaded Webmail Version 6.5 this week for our customers. Thanks to major changes in the backend design of certain features, customers will notice increased speed throughout webmail—especially when logging in and when launching the Compose window. Many customers have already contacted us to say they’ve noticed the improvement!

Announcing Webmail 6.5Announcing Webmail 6.5

In addition to the performance gains, we have integrated the following design enhancements:

We redesigned the Compose window, moving the buttons to a more intuitive position on the page, improving the auto-complete feature, and allowing users to compose their email while waiting for their attachments to upload.

You can now adjust your date and time format to support European and 24-hour time structures.

The Contacts feature now supports foreign languages, and you can add a photo image for each contact.

We will continue to enhance Webmail over the coming months. Keep and eye on wisnet.com’s noteworthy postings for updates.

Kentuckians for Better Transportation Goes Live!


It is our pleasure to welcome the new website for Kentuckians for Better Transportation! They came to wisnet.com just a short time ago looking for a website to organize their news and membership information. Using our Easy Site Editor tool, KBT now has the opportunity to post Transportation News, Issues of Interest, and Legislative Issues on a daily basis!

Fox Valley Open Houses All In One Place?


The Home Run and wisnet.com have been working hard and forming the Home Run website into a central location to view Open Houses in the Fox Valley Area. With a number of local realtors on board, and the list growing, Home Run hopes to make searching for Open Houses even easier! Check out their website to see what is open this week! www.thehomerun.net

Employment Opportunities


We’re looking for the brightest most talented designers and programmers to join our close-knit team. If you think you have what it takes, read on…

Here’s the scoop… We create websites – not just any websites – great looking, dynamic websites and solutions that our customers can update without any HTML knowledge. And we do it quickly – rapid development (as it is sometimes called). We also have our own cool product (more on that product in a second). We work closely with our clients to evaluate their projects and ideas, come up with a few more ideas they did not think about, then make it happen.

Our product is Easy Site Editor (ESE) which is driven by a technology we created called Information Markup Language (IML). This markup language has been in development just about since we started the business back in 1996. It is a great technology that allows us to create ‘the impossible’ for our clients – and do it quickly. If you are a programmer and know PHP or ASP – you will really like IML!

What position are we looking to fill? We aren’t. We’re looking for a creative thinking, team oriented individual with web programming or design skills that mesh ours but also go beyond what we can already do. If you think you have what it takes – we want to hear from you!

Why wisnet.com? We are a multi-faceted, full service web hosting and development company that really enjoys working with small to medium sized businesses such as the tourism industry, print shops, real estate agencies, government, and healthcare facilities.

wisnet.com is the creator of IML (internet markup language) which assists in rapid development of websites and ESE (easy site editor), which allows clients to update their own website content quickly, easily and economically.

Since 1996, Wisnet.com has created a firm reputation reinforced by high quality service, dynamic websites and noteworthy products.

We offer a great working environment, SIMPLE retirement fund with a 3% salary match, a health insurance package, and very flexible paid vacations (time away from wisnet.com is just an important as your time here), a great team, and great clients.

Do we still have your interest? – here is what we need: send an e-mail to opportunities@wisnet.com that includes:

  • A catchy subject line
  • URL to your online portfolio (you have an online portfolio, don’t you?)
  • A list of your top 3 skills and what makes you a team player
  • Your resume

Or send your information to (although we do prefer email):

wisnet.com, LLC

1020 South Main Street

Lower Level

P.O. Box 2066

Fond du Lac WI 54936-2066

Phone: (920) 921-8391

Fax: (920) 322-9522

Email: opportunities@wisnet.com

Dynamic 301 Redirect


Due in part to our new domain monitor system (DomainWatch), we are now easily able to identify domain names that have either been pointed to our DNS servers or web servers as (extra) domains. Many of our clients register the ‘.net’ or ‘.biz’ of their domain just to prevent other companies form registering that domain. For Example, our main domain is wisnet.com. We have registered wisnet.us also.

With our dynamic 301 redirect, we can configure wisnet.us to automatically redirect with a ‘301 Moved Permanently’ message to our main domain http://www.wisnet.com.

Give it a try – go to http://www.wisnet.us – and watch the address line switch to http://www.wisnet.com

So, what does that mean for you?
Search engine spiders such as google.com and yahoo.com prefer to see this ‘301 Moved Permanently’ redirect for ‘extra’ domains that have been registered. This lets them know that they are the same site, so they don’t ‘dock’ points for trying to duplicate your site data in multiple locations. This is the recommended practice.

We are proactively monitoring domains that have been pointed to our system, and redirecting them to your main sites as we see them hit our systems. If you have special requests for your ‘extra’ domains, let us know – we can make it happen. Or, if you would like to reserve your domain with additional extensions (like .net, .biz, .us, etc) let us know. There are no additional hosting fees for this service, just the standard domain registration fee.

If you would like more information on server site redirects, visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL_redirection