10 Ways to Gift Optimistically

1. For your office pal: 

Grab a #StubbornlyOptimistic mug for the perfect match. Pair with an assortment of endless coffee and hot chocolate. Fill up a mug with some of their favorites and help them stay warm and ENERGIZED to tackle their work day!

2. For the little ones in your life:

Wrap up a #StubbornlyOptimistic Toddler Tee and give a Gift of Play!

3. For the t-shirt junkie:

Help them wear their Fond du Lac pride loud & proud!

4. For entertainers, fine wine connoisseurs & grill masters:

Fill up that mug (who says it needs to be coffee)! And while you’re at it, grab some cheese and other goodies to pair it with.

5. For those who Love2Shop:

Let them shop ’til they drop while filling up their #StubbornlyOptimistic tote.

6. Baby it’s cold outside! For outdoor enthusiasts:

Stay warm this winter in a #StubbornlyOptimistic hooded sweatshirt. Then head out and enjoy:

7. For the green thumb or den decorator:

Stuff a mug with gift cards, gadgets and goodies from:

8. For the health conscious:

Gift them a reusable #StubbornlyOptimistic tote that they can fill with fresh and healthy foods now and throughout the year.

9. For the BIG gift:

Step up your wheels and accessorize with the new purchase of a #StubbornlyOptimistic sticker.

10. For those in need of some much-deserved R&R:

The holidays can be busy and stressful. Treat someone (or yourself) to a little relaxation.