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Mark x123
Waterslide King

Well known for his agility and strength at maneuvering the water slide at the local swimming pool Mark has proven to keep everything under control. If he is not reminding us to get into the conference room and finish our wisnet Wii tournament no one here would be able to claim the trophy. Thanks to Mark everything flows smoothly here.

Gina x112
Left Brainer

Gina keeps this place going strong. She guzzles down a couple cups of diesel before sitting down at her desk each day. Besides producing electricity and selling it back to the local electrical grid she is the mother of 2 boys under 2! So if you see Gina wish her a 120v congratulations!

Julie x113
Jewel of the Nile

Julie lives near a city of windmills which makes her the greenest person here at wisnet.com. If green isn’t your color we have seen her defy physics and turn gas guzzlers into magnificent pieces of art. But don’t let Julie fool you because her carbon footprint can easily be dropped into the recycle bin on her Mac 8-Core Snow Leopard! You Betcha!

Rick x116
Muscle Car Fanatic

And we wonder why our servers are finely tuned high performance muscle machines! Rick has been involved with internet companies since IE 1.0 (he has the install floppies to prove it). These ventures eventually developed into wisnet.com, LLC in 1996. Our team has been producing great products, offering great service, and having fun ever since.

Steve x124
Join the green side.

Off the gas. On the gas. Steve knows what it takes to be as efficient as possible with his Hybrid Prius. He even has these fancy gauges so we know how much we cost him! Good thing driving us to the other side of town only costs about a nickel. Heck, if we push the car a block we earn the money back!

Scott x126
Taking Life to the Extreme

Once known for his snowmobiling antics (racing snocross, hillcross, and believe-it-or-not watercross), Scott has since settled into the roles of father and Development Director -- a typical transition, right? Nowadays, you're more likely to find Scott furiously turning office corners and jumping from desk to desk as he develops and explains new programming frameworks. But don't worry, he's still a kid inside.

Brian x114
Left Brain or right brain?

There is no other person in the world that has captured as many moments as Brian. He has taken more photographs than we have blinked in our lifetime combined! Throughout the day he creates masterpieces out of raw code and for that we can’t tell if he is right brained or left. Although, he does prefer having his right side photographed.

Dave x215
Most Valuable Employee

Dave has won more awards than anyone here and claims the title as “Most Valuable Employee” for every year since wisnet.com’s inception in 96’. Besides being a terrific chef who makes great barbecue pork & beef sandwiches, he brings a smile to our face as he is in charge of providing us some tasty greenbacks. Thanks Famous Dave!

Tracy x117
Holiday Hero

Too tall to be an elf, too earthbound to be an angel, that means Tracy will have to settle for the title of Christmas Queen. When she's not hard at work with programming duties at the office, she is busy dreaming of a white Christmas, decking the halls and hearing angels on high. Jingle Bells in July? Why not?

Ashley x125
The New Girl in Town

Designers need to know may types of applications, but in Ashley's case this familiarity extends to painting her nails and sporting liberal layers of Chapstick. When she's not creating works of art for wisnet, Ashley can be found thrift store shopping or doing crafts, her i-pod full of Carrie Underwood and The Killers in one hand, a bag of popcorn in the other. Or maybe she's enjoying the great outdoors, soaking up the sun-- ever on the lookout for the imminent snake attack.

Corv x101
A Team Player

Beneath Corv's even-tempered exterior is a man of extremes. How else would you define a mild-mannered hockey player? Soft spoken, Corv likes his music played at stratospheric decibels. He is relaxed yet competitive. A physically-active computer gamer. We like to blame these notably opposing traits on the Pepsi.


Nick x121
Taking Tea to the Limit

Bio is under construction.


With a cup of black coffee in one hand and creativity in the other, Scott is ready to dish out creative marketing and branding ideas for our customers. Guaranteed to have the longest commute to and from the wisnet.com office, he has plenty of driving and thinking time to generate the big idea that will jump start your marketing plan.


Kelsey spends her days happily assisting our customers on the phone or via email. When she is not catering to our customers, she is busy blogging, Facebook posting, and planning team lunches. In her spare time, she likes playing with her dogs and eating cheese and bread while traveling outside and listening to live music. She is one busy hamster.

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